Article Writing Guidelines

For the Priority Listing

When writing and submitting an article to Baby Buggy please keep the following guidelines in mind.

  • Clean Copy Please: no spelling errors, no missing words, no typos, no formatting issues.
  • Articles should be between 100 - 300 words, including headings and sub headings. As an example of how this views on the page please take a look at our own Mum n Bub Pram Exercise page. The content above the table is 124 words.
  • Use plain language and avoid jargon.
  • Lists and sub headings are good to use to help break up text for easier reading.
  • Be sure to include your class details, location, pricing, as well as contact details.
  • You may wish to use your "About Us" page (or similar) from your website, or a simple rewrite of its contents.

Articles are accepted in accordance with our terms and conditions.

Types of Baby Buggy

Pram - Silver Cross


For Newborns to 6 months (9kg)
Fully-reclined position

Stroller - Bugaboo


For Newborn to Toddler
Fully-reclined, semi-reclined and upright positions

Jogger | Running Stroller - BOB

Joggers (Running)

For 8 months to Toddlers
Fully-reclined, semi-reclined and upright positions