Mountain Buggy Introduction and Comparison

Buying Mountain Buggy Strollers and Accessories

Choosing a stroller that does not restrict your everyday activities is easy with the range offered by the *original New Zealand manufacturered Mountain Buggy. Like NZ, Australia is a lifestyle driven country and Australians love to be out and about enjoying the great outdoors. Having a baby does not mean you cannot still enjoy this lifestyle. The range of Mountain Buggy strollers will enable you continue doing what you love to do without compromise.

As an introduction to Mountain Buggy the range of strollers weigh in at 8.5kg (Mountain Buggy Breeze), 9.5kg (Mountain Buggy Terrain single) and 10kg (Mountain Buggy Urban single). They are all Kiddy Board™ compatible and comply with AU/NZ Saftey Standards. The Mountain Buggy stroller suits ages from newborn to 3 (Breeze) or 4 year olds, has adjustable seat recline and up to 5kg capacity storage basket. The Mountain Buggy Urabn is also available in a double or a triple and the Mountina Buggy Terrain is also available in a double. View a Mountain Buggy Model Comparison video to help give you an overview into the Mountain Buggy strollers for sale. Once you are ready to buy, Mountain Buggy discounts are available online with

phil&teds now own Mountain Buggy but they are two seperate brands of buggies. The same lifestyle philosophy follows the Mountain Buggy buggies. Mountain Buggy now perform all research and development, design, marketing, finance, sales, logistics and operations in New Zealand. But, to be commercially viable they have moved the manufacturing facilities in to China (ISO 9001 accredited).

Types of Baby Buggy

Pram - Silver Cross


For Newborns to 6 months (9kg)
Fully-reclined position

Stroller - Bugaboo


For Newborn to Toddler
Fully-reclined, semi-reclined and upright positions

Jogger | Running Stroller - BOB

Joggers (Running)

For 8 months to Toddlers
Fully-reclined, semi-reclined and upright positions