Emmaljunga Prams

Emmaljunga Nitro City Pram

Emmaljunga's history of pram design and manufacturing dates back to 1925 so it is not hard to understand the popularity of Emmaljunga prams. The Swedish family run company has retailers throughout the world including Australia.

Emmaljunga prams are avilable in a number of different models of which include the Emmaljunga Coronado. Other models are the Emmaljunga City Cross, Emmaljunga City Jet, Emmaljunga City Cerox 360, Emmaljunga Cangaroo Mondial Duo Combi, Emmaljunga Edge Duo Combi, Emmaljunga Smart Duo Combi, Emmaljunga Cerox, Emmaljunga Classic Sport, Emmaljunga Scooter, Emmaljunga Twin Cerox 360 Twin City Cross, Emmaljunga Twin Cangaroo. You can view a comparison of all Emmaljunga prams at Emmaljunga's website.

Stroller to Pram

Most of Emmaljunga's strollers can be used from birth to 3 years when combined with the Babylift or City Carrycot.

Emmaljunga Babylift
City Cross
Classic Sport
Emmaljunga City Carrycot
City Carycot
City Cross
Classic Stroller

Emmaljunga Sold Prams - Great Buying

For the best buys on Emmaljunga prams sold on eBay take a look at the table below. Then check out the latest bargains on Emmaljunga Prams and Strollers For Sale here at Baby Buggy Australia.

Real bargain 4 wheel Emmaljunga pram $20.00

At $20 and with only 1 bid this Emmaljunga pram was a real bargain. A 4 wheel navy blue and white check pram in great condition including rain cover and lambs wool insert.

Excellent buying Emmaljunga 4 wheel Minior Classic pram $200.00

An Emmaljunga 4 wheel Minior Classic pram coloured navy and in excellent as new condition with boot cover,inbuilt hood mosquito net and adjustable suspension went for $200 with Buy it now - excellent buying.

Rare Emmaljunga City Cerox 2007 pram $686.00

A very rare Emmaljunga City Cerox 2007 pram in mint condition with a RRP $995 sold for $686 with 6 bids. This large 4 wheel red and navy pram included a rain cover and instruction book.

Types of Baby Buggy

Pram - Silver Cross


For Newborns to 6 months (9kg)
Fully-reclined position

Stroller - Bugaboo


For Newborn to Toddler
Fully-reclined, semi-reclined and upright positions

Jogger | Running Stroller - BOB

Joggers (Running)

For 8 months to Toddlers
Fully-reclined, semi-reclined and upright positions