Maclaren Strollers

Compact Strollers, 3 Wheelers, Twins/Tandems and Accessories

Maclaren Grand Tour LX

Maclaren is a well respected company and producer of many baby products including the first umbrella fold stroller. Distributed in Australia by CNP Brands (Childcare Nursery Products) the Maclaren stroller range includes Compact Strollers, 3 Wheelers, Twins/Tandems and Accessories.

Maclaren Compact Strollers

With functional and innovative designs a compact Maclaren stroller is great for mum and baby. Whatever you are looking for in a baby stroller Maclaren has them all, from the umbrella fold Daytripper and Triumph, the ultra light weight Volo, the sporty Quest, Quest Mod, Quest Lulu Guiness, and Techno XT to the stylish Vogue and Ryder.

Maclaren 3 Wheeler

The Maclaren MX3 is suitable from birth and offers multiple seat positions, as well as a lockable front swivel wheel. To expand the functionality the MX3 has some handy accessories in the MX3 Carrycot and MX3 Toddler Seat, meaning that this Maclaren stroller will grow as your family grows.

Maclaren Twins/Tandems

The Maclaren Twin Techno is a practical, compact and lightweight twin stroller and is suitable for newborns.

Recently Sold Maclaren Strollers and Prams - Huge Savings

Find the best priced Maclaren prams and strollers like these on eBay.

Maclaren double pram/stroller $65.00

Maclaren double pram/stroller sold for $65 Buy It Now. This blue with checkered trim in good condition pram included rain cover and had 5 point harness and indepedent reclining and was a real bargain.

Maclaren Mac3 three wheeler $150.00

A stylish Maclaren Mac3 three wheeler easy fold pram in grey colours hardly used and in excellent condition included bassinet, sleeping bag, rain cover, pump and manual instructions sold for $150 Buy It Now. A steal at this price.

Maclaren MX3 $250.00

A Maclaren MX3 sold Buy It Now for $250. Almost new and in top condition this grey 3 wheeler came with sleeping bag, comfort pack, shoulder strap and seat liner and was great buying.

Maclaren Techno side by side pram best price $403.00

Recently sold for $403 after 24 bids Maclaren Techno silver grey double side by side pram with rain cover and foot muffs. RRP $600 approx. this represents good buying for a double pram in excellent condition.

Types of Baby Buggy

Pram - Silver Cross


For Newborns to 6 months (9kg)
Fully-reclined position

Stroller - Bugaboo


For Newborn to Toddler
Fully-reclined, semi-reclined and upright positions

Jogger | Running Stroller - BOB

Joggers (Running)

For 8 months to Toddlers
Fully-reclined, semi-reclined and upright positions