Know Pram and Stroller Safety Features

Safety should always be the number one priority when shopping for baby prams and strollers. Ensure the baby stroller you buy has all the safety features you need, and make sure that you use the baby stroller safely. Here are some tips to help keep both you and your little one secure and happy.

Safety features

There is no substitute for your own research into safety issues when buying a baby pram or stroller. It is up to you to understand the various safety features of products listed on eBay Australia. When you read item descriptions and look at pictures on eBay Australia, consider seeking out baby strollers that have these safety features:

  • Stability: Baby prams and strollers should provide both stability and a smooth ride. The stroller should have a wide wheel base to prevent tipping. If there's a storage basket, it should be low on the stroller frame, just above the rear wheels.
  • Baby seat belts: Three-point baby seat belts that wrap around the waist and between the legs are better than waist belts, and for jogging strollers; a 5-point harness (adding shoulder straps) is even better. A 3- or 5-point safety harness system is essential for travel systems also used as car seats.
  • Rear-facing installation: Young infants in baby strollers should be positioned facing the person pushing the stroller, so they can keep an eye on their precious cargo. The ability to face the car seat of a travel system toward the rear of the car is also a necessity if you are travelling with a young infant.
  • Fully reclining seats: Fully reclining seats are a must for baby prams and strollers used for newborn babies up to three months.
  • Wheel brakes: It's important to have good wheel brakes that can lock.
  • Locking parts: Moving parts should lock in place in oder to prevent accidental folding or collapsing.
  • Good condition: No missing parts or worn spots. Removable, washable fabric is ideal so that you can clean the stroller when needed.

Basic baby stroller safety

Always read the instructions provided by your baby stroller manufacturer and consider these basic safety guidelines:

  • Strap your baby in with the seatbelt every time he or she is in the stroller.
  • Keep an eye on your baby at all times.
  • Keep little ones at a safe distance when you fold or unfold the stroller to prevent pinching.
  • Make sure to keep loose strings or exposed straps out of baby’s reach.
  • Do not allow children to play with the baby stroller.
  • If you stop for a few minutes, set the stroller’s brakes and lock the wheels.
  • Don't hang bags from handles or any part of the baby stroller not intended for carrying.
  • Maintain your baby stroller; regularly tighten nuts and bolts, replace missing or worn parts, and so on.

The above safety features information is as provided by eBay Australia as part of their baby buggy, pram and stroller buying guides.

Types of Baby Buggy

Pram - Silver Cross


For Newborns to 6 months (9kg)
Fully-reclined position

Stroller - Bugaboo


For Newborn to Toddler
Fully-reclined, semi-reclined and upright positions

Jogger | Running Stroller - BOB

Joggers (Running)

For 8 months to Toddlers
Fully-reclined, semi-reclined and upright positions