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Sennelier, mostly famous for its high-quality, hand-selected pigments, is a French manufacturing company of art materials. The company produces a wide range of products with paint products being the most popular. You can find acrylic, oil, watercolor, gouache, oil and soft pastel, india ink, tempera, and other media made by Sennelier.

Each stage of production is rigorously tested in the laboratory and they maintain a tradition of artisanal fabrication. They are subject to strict and constant quality control. Sennelier performs many tests to confirm that each product meets its very high standards. Only after these standards are met, is a product launched on the market. They test for colour, lightfastness, consistency, saturation, value, pH, and drying time.



At the turn of the century, Gustave Sennelier created an array of 100 oil colors. He was counseled by the advice and inventive vision of his Impressionist friends. After the creation of the oil colours came a full range of vibrant watercolors and egg tempera. Chagall’s most beautiful works were created with Sennelier egg tempera. Gustave Sennelier had such a great relationship with these turn of the century masters that painters like Cézanne painted in his personal garden. A large colour of unique dark hues remains in the same range today. There are 525 colours in the range today but at its peak in 1910, the selection grew to over 700 separate colours.

Sennelier traveled the world to discover classic pigments is embody his passion for colour. These colours include cobalt, cadmium and Italian piles of earth. Each colour has characteristics that are beautiful and unique. Sennelier can give an artist any material they may need regardless of how mystical or historic they may be. Sennelier offers an array of memorable painting mediums, resins, and formulas.

Sennelier’s knowledge of colors and art materials is met only by his passion for them. Sennelier has been a resource for artists since the era of the Impressionists, and that tradition continues today for all customers of the Maison Sennelier.


Uses for Sennelier

All products in the extra-fine acrylic line must meet the American Society for Testing and Materials standard. This is concerning toxicity and safety.

You can use Sennelier extra-fine acrylic for a variety of different uses. They mix well together to create the perfect colour you’re looking to achieve. Mixing the paints does not alter the tones or the luminosity. They offer the possibility of working with layers and wash drawings. The acrylics can be used with other mediums such as pastels, charcoal, or ink, in overlays, and by creating collages and inlays of various materials. Sennelier additives can be used to modify the texture, viscosity, transparency, or luminosity. They have great spreading properties.

Sennelier paints can be used on a variety of surfaces such as canvas, paper, plastics, and metals. They can be used outdoors and in the studio. It can be worked with a brush, painting knife, metal spatula, directly from the tube to obtain thick lines, or with your fingers.

Get your hands on some Sennelier paints today and try it out for yourself. Through its rich history, this product has stood the test of time. With such an assortment of products and colours to choose from, there is certain to be just the thing for you.

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